Advancing the mission of medicine

Epividian is an independent research organization that provides healthcare analytics to clinics, hospitals, and practices nationwide

By developing novel technologies and empowering clinical practice, clinical research, academic, public health and regulatory efforts, we pursue our mission of solving complex problems to improve the health of individuals and the public.

Point-of-care observational data from the doctor-patient encounter is used to support real-world medical research and patient disease management.


The CHORUS service enhances the doctor-patient relationship by helping doctors spend more quality time with patients. CHORUS transforms your existing EHR data into new, meaningful information and actionable insights.

  • Better care with analytics and disease management for HIV, HCV and other chronic diseases
  • Improve patient outcomes with quality metrics and health scores that highlight gaps in care
  • Improve caregiver performance with anonymous OPERA benchmarking
  • Quickly identify patients for outreach and for studies

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The OPERA® database and research network (Observational Pharmaco-Epidemiology Research & Analysis) is a multi-site observational database built from the complete patient health records managed in Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems from more than 400 participating caregivers across more than 51 U.S. cities.

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Physicians Conducting Research

Physicians Conducting Research

Bridging the gap between clinical medicine and clinical research.

The combination of CHORUS and OPERA® is a unique and powerful research platform.

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Epidemiologists & Risk Management Scientists

Epidemiologists & Risk Management Scientists

Utilize longitudinal healthcare data that solves difficult problems in pre- and post-approval phases.

Learn how OPERA® can improve clinical development and outcomes research.

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Meet Patients Where They Are

Meet patients where they are.

Connect with patients using Ensemble mobile app and gain deeper insights into the patient journey.

Gather behavioral trends through richly detailed and real-time data. Engage patients with timely and targeted surveying and patient education to positively impact care.

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Practitioners & Patient Population Managers

Practitioners & Patient Population Managers

Enhancing the doctor-patient relationship by helping doctors spend more time with patients and less time on report generation.

CHORUS transforms your EHR data
into meaningful information.

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MAESTRO is an adverse event management solution for pharmacovigilance departments of biopharma organizations. It provides a proactive, real time analysis of adverse events and evaluation of safety signals.

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Research Publications and Events

Both the Epividian technology platform and observational database program have been utilized by many physicians, epidemiologists and researchers to produce numerous papers, abstracts and presentations.

Next event: IAS 2017 – Paris, July 23-26
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