Ryan White Data Service

Epividian has successfully created a low cost, universal data interface between the EHR system and CAREWare. CHORUS Ryan White Data Service (RWDS) eliminates the need to manually re-enter Ryan White clients’ data from your EHR into CAREWare.

What We Do

CHORUS RWDS completely and continuously categorizes your EHR data using a custom interface.

Our interface retrieves your clinic’s complete EHR data, which ensures utilization of all relevant data needed in CAREWare. Our real-time and exhaustive approach to viewing and interpreting EHR data means that you’ll never have to worry about omissions, backfilling or correcting entries in CAREWare.

Our experts manually classify all distinct clinical terms so that we recognize your existing and new drugs, lab tests, diagnoses, procedures, etc. Our solution continuously adapts to your caregivers documentation without changes to the software. You can switch EHRs at any time and the RWDS will continue to operate in the same way.

Easy Installation

No Software to Purchase or Manage.

The RWDS is a technology-enabled service that we operate for you, so there’s no software that you must purchase, maintain or operate. We regularly produce the Provider Data Import (PDI) files in your CHORUS portal within our secure, HIPAA compliant data center using your EHR data.

To get started, simply download the PDI files and with a few clicks, import them using the CAREWare PDI function. All the Ryan White clients’ chart data from the EHR is then automatically entered into CAREWare without your having to type it.


No additional software licensing or ongoing fees.

Along with a small fee per patient, technical service & support is included in one monthly package. There are no additional software licensing or ongoing fees. Our clinics can easily include this low, predictable, monthly service fee into their Ryan White grants.

Additional Benefits

CHORUS healthcare analytics included.

CHORUS provides extensive reports designed specifically to help clinicians who treat patients living with HIV and HCV. These reports show gaps in care, risk profiles, population health, and other important data on all of your HIV patients, not just your Ryan White patients.

Current EHRs supported

  • eClinicalWorks
  • Allscripts
  • Cerner
  • Epic
  • GE Centricity
  • Athenahealth
  • Greenway
  • NextGen

Epividian is an independent research organization and healthcare analytics organization that specializes in HIV. Our goal is to create a collaborative ecosystem of practices and providers that drives ongoing OPERA observational research while serving those clinics with powerful data tools. Today OPERA extends to 54 cities through the U.S. and serves 500+ caregivers who treat over 100,000 HIV+ patients.

If your system isn’t listed, please contact us for information about how we can support your EHR.

Ryan White Data Reporting Services

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I'd like to learn more about Ryan White Data Reporting Services.

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