Physicians Conducting Research

Epividian can help bridge the gap between clinical medicine and clinical research. The combination of CHORUS™ and OPERA® is a unique and powerful research platform.

Together, CHORUS™ (Clinical Health Outcomes Reporting and Utilization Services) and OPERA® (Observational Pharmaco-Epidemiology Research & Analysis) enhance the physician-researcher’s productivity and capability.

By utilizing both the CHORUS and OPERA services physician-researchers can:

  • Design and perform epidemiology studies with the support of Epividian Staff.
  • Collaborate with other physician-researchers around the country.
  • Propose studies to “investigator-initiated studies programs”.
  • More easily participate in Randomized Clinical Trials (RCTs), both blinded and open-label.
  • Become a regular contributor in both RCTs and epidemiology study programs.
  • Quickly and easily determine the subjects who meet inclusion/exclusion (I/E) criteria for any protocol being considered.
  • Establish a core research competency and efficiency in RCT enrollments compared to other investigative sites.
  • Outperform enrollment goals with support from the CHORUS and OPERA services.

The Epividian technology platform and observational database program has been utilized by many physicians, epidemiologists and researchers to produce dozens of papers, abstracts and presentations.

Contact Epividian for information on how to add CHORUS to your existing EHR system and enroll in the OPERA research program.

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“Epividian offers a unique resource tool that promotes the pursuit of scientific questions through data analysis regardless of electronic medical record platform. The CHORUS database not only combines the ability to easily analyze individual and group practice data but further promotes multi-center collaborations with other practices through the OPERA cohort; potentiating collaborative research efforts for key clinical questions with providers throughout the country.”

– Ricky Hsu, MD, PC